TracAce Explorer – Analysing Visitor Activity

View of the house and main drive in spring at Killerton, Devon. Photo by Fiona Hailstone, National Trust Images

A new and innovative way to learn more about your customers!

TracAce Explorer is a reliable, powerful tool that lets you analyse any number of GPS tracks in incredible detail. It’s perfect for analysing visitor activity at estates, parks and tourist attractions, or for tracking staff and vehicle movements around a site or location. TracAce Explorer is a fantastic customer research innovation, offering organisations the ability to gain unique and trustworthy insights to better inform planning, marketing and development strategies.

The National Trust are currently using TracAce Explorer at Killerton in Devon.

What can TracAce Explorer do for you:

  • Track where your customers/visitors go!
  • Quantify each of your attractions/features/zones by number of visits, duration of visit, and even the priority given to that attraction by each visitor as they move around your site.
  • Divide visitors into demographics such as age, gender, group size, no. children etc, to better understand what different people want, need and enjoy when visiting your site.
  • Our heatmaps display areas where people dwell or hesitate, and identify the most popular routes and paths.
  • You can learn about ‘pinch points’ and congestion around your site.
  • Analyse the effectiveness of your maps and signage – are people getting lost?
  • Our GPS trackers allow visitors and staff to request assistance to their exact location via an SOS button.
  • Your Reception can immediately locate vulnerable visitors, lone workers, first aiders or security staff when required.
  • Monitor the speed, distances and locations of vehicles used around your site.

How the National Trust is using TracAce Explorer…

TracAce Explorer is currently being used by the National Trust to help research and design their visitor experience at Killerton, which is one of National Trust’s landmark properties in the Southwest.

Killerton, which is located in the heart of Devon has 2,600 hectares of working farmland, woods, parkland, cottages and orchards surrounding the beautiful Georgian house and landscaped gardens. There are many miles of footpaths and tracks for visitors to explore.

Visitors to the estate can now take a tracker on their trip around Killerton. The data collected during this survey will help the Trust get a unique insight into their visitor’s preferences, helping them make informed decisions about estate development to ensure each and every visitor gets the most out of their day at Killerton.